Mirror of Retribution Tour: ChthoniC, Live in Singapore Review

August 14, Republic Polytechnic - I was to go to a school, on a Saturday evening. Not my school though. I was on my way to see a Taiwanese Black Metal band, ChthoniC. The show was held at the polytechnic's Cultural Centre Studio.

I was there an hour earlier before showtime. Entry was delayed until about 7:45pm. I was disappointed to see no tour t-shirts were sold. Only the usual t-shirts which are all SGD$30. MourningSound Records has provided pre-orders online before the day of show.

A Singaporean Gothic metal band, Meltgsnow was the opening band. ChthoniC came on stage soon after and the crowd participated in a mass of headbanging cult. Fans were insane enough to throw Taoist hell bank notes on stage (can be seen in the video below), which I think was suppose to be based on the current album's concept of Taoist folklore.
The band performed "Rise of the Shadow" as the first track off the Mirror of Retribution album. Other songs off their latest release includes "1947" and "Sing-Ling Temple". Most of what I can hear, Freddy sung in their native language despite also having an alternate version in English. Even their setlist was written in Chinese.

The band was nice enough to have a meet & greet session after the show. I was one of the lucky few and the last to be taken pictures with the band until the lights go out. The remaining queue had no choice but to be in the dark. Nonetheless, the show was something I don't want to miss, even as a casual fan.

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