Ignore All Detour Signs Encore Screening Review @ Sinema 14/10/11

Having missed the first screening of Ignore All Detour Signs back in September, I was eager to jump on the opportunity of the second screening at Sinema located at Mt. Sophia. Having not bought the tickets earlier, I was pretty upset that I would have climbed 666 steps for nothing, but the dudes at Sinema were cool enough to let go two tickets for me and my friend.

Before I let you in on my impression on the documentary, here's a little synopsis for those who don't know what it is about. Ignore All Detour Signs(IADS) is a documentary that covers the trials and tribulations of Singapore band, I Am David Sparkle, as they prepare for their slot at South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival along with a minitour of the US.

Initially, to be perfectly honest, I thought that the documentary was going to be a bore and something really artsy fartsy. Yet, I was proven wrong as it was actually tastefully edited and never strayed away from the main subject matter of the whole documentary while still maintaining a certain dark and gloomy vibe overall. IADS manages to capture and display a band's dream and their courage to do anything to get themselves a place on the world stage. It also displays the friendship between the members even through the hardships they've faced just to play their music to more people. The soundtrack was also peppered with fellow labelmate, Amberhaze, so that makes another reason to catch IADS.

I am not so much of a movie reviewer so for anyone who needs a quick jolt of motivation and for any aspiring musicians (and I really mean ANY) out there, IADS is the documentary to catch. Just hope there's another screening in the near future.

Puresinner has reviewed I Am David Sparkle's sophomore album, Swords, click here to read it. We would also like to wish I Am David Sparkle an awesome Japan tour next month.

aenimic: This post was supposed to be up on the night of the second screening, but photobucket is being a real bitch. so I'm sorry for the late post. Whatever it is, do catch IADS if you ever get the chance. Sorry for no photos from the screening other than that one photo on my instagram. Here is also a ten minute snippet of the QnA session after the screening, youtube "Ignore All Detour Signs" to get the full QnA session.

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Singapore's Best Alternative Halloween Party

Sick of "Thriller" themed parties and Haunted Carnivals? Well, I've got just the right answer for you. Head on over to the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement's most anticipated event of the year. SDAM is known for their year round of Industrial and Goth club shows but Halloween is when they raise the dead with the heart pounding beats of dark Alternative music.

This year, they're back at HYDE (57B Clarke Quay) for some horrifying classics. In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness month, feast your eyes with Kittenita (as "Skinless Julia" of Hallraiser) as she performs the Bellydance Horror like no other. Classic horror films compiled by Rocky Raccoon will be played throughout the whole event and veteran DJ Saito Nagasaki will keep you company with the familiar beats of EBM/Industrial/Futurepop spins.

As a treat for all you darklings, the first 30 guests will receive a decapitated gingerbread man and the first 10 guests will receive a free Halloween make-over by the professional make-up artist, Aries Yagami. So be sure to come dressed as terrifying as you can get cause things are going to get real ugly at HYDE.

HYDE BAR (3rd Floor)
57B Clarke Quay
Singapore 049846
+(65) 6532 5510

Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM)

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10 Most Saddest Songs of All Time

Bring out those tissues and handkerchiefs, puresinner has a list of songs to share with you about deaths and loneliness. This is my take on the saddest songs of all time by my favourite artists.

The Cure

Post-Rock pioneers, The Cure carries a lot of dark music and cryptic lyrics in their years of writing. A song which starts with the portrayal of selfishness of a person ended in a huge guilt. It hurts him dearly and even if he pretends wanting to be forgiven, he knows he doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

Elliott Smith
Between The Bars

A man with a low voice and coincidentally prefers to have a low profile, Oscar nominated Elliott Smith is truly missed. Composed with just a simple acoustic guitar, this emotional heartfelt song of loneliness can be felt from the pain he exudes through his music everywhere in his song. When you watch his performances, it's as if the audience isn't there and he's singing in the dark, in his lonely little world. 

10,000 Days

One of a few musicians who often names his musical creations by his mother's name, Maynard James Keenan is a very dedicated son. His grief and pain can be heard from this track and the anger of wanting to blame on someone for her wheelchair bound state for 27 years (equals to 10,000 days) until her death. All he wants is for her to be free from suffering and return home to heaven.

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor has always sang about loneliness and hate for many years and until he got married, which also marked the end of Nine Inch Nails. "Hurt" talks about a life being left by the ones he love most. The pain is what makes life real but not the people closest to him. You can almost hear his cries in every recording of this song and he keeps it sacred in his live shows. The song was also covered by the late Johnny Cash which most critics has reviewed it as the most tragic song sung by Cash because of his death soon after.


Dave Matthews
On Dave Matthews' solo work, "Gravedigger" tell tales of beyond the grave. When you're strolling through a graveyard and you'll see all those names with the date of births and the date of deaths. You'll begin to link the stories behind the tombstones of a mother burying her two sons who was sacrificed in a war and a little boy who died in a bike crash. Matthews sees the gravedigger as the grim reaper, asking him to have some mercy on his death.

It's All Over But The Crying
What makes it harder for a breakup is when you know you still love them but you will never live to have a future with them. Shirley Manson cries about it being all over, life goes on but it still sucks. Every time I have a hard time in my relationship, this song keeps playing in my head.


British band Radiohead makes the list of a few saddest songs sites with all different tracks. I choose "Lucky" because it affects me most ever since I first heard it and it still shares the emotion of losing something or someone from your life.

Pearl Jam
Last Kiss

A cover that made Pearl Jam's highest achievement in the Billboard Top 100 to date, "Last Kiss" echoes vocalist Eddie Vedder into a strong sympathy of pain for this teenage tragedy. The song was written in the early 1960s by Wayne Cochran, Joe Carpenter, Randall Hoyal & Bobby McGlon knowing that tragedy songs are big on making money. It was then unsuccessful but a few artists has since covered it. The song sings about a teenage couple out on a date and ended short after a traffic collision.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under The Bridge

One of the band's most successful singles, "Under The Bridge" tells the story of singer, Anthony Kiedis' battle with drugs in the city of angels. His struggle with heroin under the city's bridge where he usually gave in. He sings of his regrets when at that time felt like a whirlwind of adventure. It then ends with a group of choir singing together to Kiedis' hymn.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Another one of those mournings of a son, Billy Corgan also wrote this song after the event of his mother's death. There wasn't a real statement by him saying so but the album was written at the time of her death and it might have had an influence on it. The song might appears to be Corgan questioning his faith in god because of the pain he caused him, tearing him away from his loved one. This is by far one of the best Smashing Pumpkins tracks and the most emotional.


Notable Mentions:
  • "Dead Souls" by Joy Division
  • "Hell Bent" by Kenna

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