Palms - Palms LP

Released: 25 June 2013
Label: Ipecac Records
When it was rumoured that Chino Moreno (Deftones) was combining forces with the instrumental remnants of Isis (Jeff Caxide, Aaron Harris and Bryant Meyer), I couldn't wait to get my dose of Palms. Being a long time Isis fan, I was excited to hear what this fusion would sound like after such good albums coming from both Deftones and Isis (prior to their break-up) respectively. With Chino on vocals, it would be an interesting musical alchemy.

Ever since 2010, alot has happened within both bands too. Deftones released their comeback album, Diamond Eyes, Chino fronted a new electronic side project that has released 2 EPs since forming (read the review here) and Isis released Wavering Radiant(2009) and played their swansong tour.


  1. Future Warrior
  2. Patagonia
  3. Mission Sunset
  4. Shortwave Radio
  5. Tropics
  6. Antartic Handshake
Opening with Future Warrior's slew of guitar melodies weaving through molten bass lines, Palms feels like it is on the right path. However, all that intensity is lost with Patagonia. Alot may disagree with me on this, but this song is boring and repetitive. Other than the sudden burst of energy during the chorus, it really has nothing else going on for it.

Mission Sunset returns the album back to its feet after Patagonia. Every single note in this track keeps growing and growing up till the moment Chino belts it out. It one of those tracks that make your hair stand on end and your head sway to the sonic ocean waves that engulfs your consciousness. There's everything to love and nothing to forget. Must listen. Headphones and dimly lit room recommended.

Following Mission Sunset is the uncanny Shortwave Radio and Tropics. These tracks that possess every drop of goodness from each member and leaves you wanting for more. Unfortunately, the album kind of just goes flat after this.

Not saying that I don't appreciate a good dose of ambient soundscapes and reverb drenched instruments, but following the footsteps of PatagoniaAntartic Handshake does nothing but roll around in a puddle of echos and never finding it's the way out again. Simply said, it's boring too.

It might just be expectation acting on me but there could have been better tracks coming from this insane line-up but apparently only half of the album manages to properly display that. The rest is still bathing in reverb and delay that does little but fill up the background of your headspace.

Writer's fave: Future WarriorMission Sunset, Shortwave Radio

5 out of 7 Sins

Pros: Melodies, huge enormous build ups, chino steamy vocal sandwich
Cons: Feels contrived and repetitive at times, could have been more intense

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Queens of The Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork

Released: 3 June 2013
Label: Matador, Rekords Rekords
Almost seven years in the making and recovering from a near-death experience, Josh Homme brings the posse back together and unleashes one of the most creatively seductive album of 2013. Leave your left feet outside, Queens of The Stone Age are back and they're gonna make you dance and cry at the same time.

Josh was definitely onto something by including musicians like Trent Reznor, Dave Grohl, Elton John and long-time collaborators, Mark Lanegan, Alain Johannes and Nick Oliveri (didn't see this one coming) in the mix. What resulted is nothing short of an amazing cauldron of riffs, fuzz, thumps and coos, that might just be on par with their critically acclaimed Songs For The Deaf, 2002 (or Rated R,2000, depending on the individual).

  1. Keep Your Eyes Peeled
  2. I Sat By The Ocean
  3. The Vampyre of Time and Memory
  4. If I Had a Tail
  5. My God Is The Sun
  6. Kalopsia
  7. Fairweather Friends
  8. Smooth Sailing
  9. I Appear Missing
  10. ...Like Clockwork
Opening the trip is brooding bass-trodden Keep Your Eyes Peeled, a track that pretty much sets the mood for almost the whole album. It is a dark and melancholic trip through a dizzying array of conflicting melodies that sound like they're going to fall apart at any moment. But, it won't.

Personally, the album takes a more conceptual approach once The Vampyre of Time and Memory comes in with an almost minimalist composition of piano, drums and vocals and some ambient noises. Followed by If I Had A Tail and My God Is The Sun, I just can't help but picture a scenario of lost hope that turns into anger that finally trancends into a higher understanding of self. I might just be reading too much into the structure of the music and it might just be about sex and banging in the back seats of race cars, but this is my own personal interpretation. So ignore it and enjoy the amazing musicianship if you don't like it.

The rest of the album are chocked full of goodness too, Fairweather Friends is quick and to the point in its delivery of addictive choruses and riffage. Smooth Sailing brings good ol' boogie down QoTSA with classic fuzz solos and sexy basslines. Finally, I Appear Missing brings forth an intense buildup of psychedelic riffs, a chorus that will have you singing along and a drum beat that seems to compliment every peak and trough.

Progressive and daring, solid yet fragile enough to break apart at the slightest prod, and an emotional journey from start to end ...Like Clockwork is a must-listen by anyone who enjoys their share of good music. and I'm probably giving this a full score cause I think Troy is a total vampire cause he is still hot over the years.

Writer's fave: If I Had A Tail, I Appear Missing, Fairweather Friends

7 out of 7 sins
Pros: Creative songwriting, Dave Grohl, captivating from start to finish
Cons: Feels short

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