Ignore All Detour Signs Encore Screening Review @ Sinema 14/10/11

Having missed the first screening of Ignore All Detour Signs back in September, I was eager to jump on the opportunity of the second screening at Sinema located at Mt. Sophia. Having not bought the tickets earlier, I was pretty upset that I would have climbed 666 steps for nothing, but the dudes at Sinema were cool enough to let go two tickets for me and my friend.

Before I let you in on my impression on the documentary, here's a little synopsis for those who don't know what it is about. Ignore All Detour Signs(IADS) is a documentary that covers the trials and tribulations of Singapore band, I Am David Sparkle, as they prepare for their slot at South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival along with a minitour of the US.

Initially, to be perfectly honest, I thought that the documentary was going to be a bore and something really artsy fartsy. Yet, I was proven wrong as it was actually tastefully edited and never strayed away from the main subject matter of the whole documentary while still maintaining a certain dark and gloomy vibe overall. IADS manages to capture and display a band's dream and their courage to do anything to get themselves a place on the world stage. It also displays the friendship between the members even through the hardships they've faced just to play their music to more people. The soundtrack was also peppered with fellow labelmate, Amberhaze, so that makes another reason to catch IADS.

I am not so much of a movie reviewer so for anyone who needs a quick jolt of motivation and for any aspiring musicians (and I really mean ANY) out there, IADS is the documentary to catch. Just hope there's another screening in the near future.

Puresinner has reviewed I Am David Sparkle's sophomore album, Swords, click here to read it. We would also like to wish I Am David Sparkle an awesome Japan tour next month.

aenimic: This post was supposed to be up on the night of the second screening, but photobucket is being a real bitch. so I'm sorry for the late post. Whatever it is, do catch IADS if you ever get the chance. Sorry for no photos from the screening other than that one photo on my instagram. Here is also a ten minute snippet of the QnA session after the screening, youtube "Ignore All Detour Signs" to get the full QnA session.

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Singapore's Best Alternative Halloween Party

Sick of "Thriller" themed parties and Haunted Carnivals? Well, I've got just the right answer for you. Head on over to the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement's most anticipated event of the year. SDAM is known for their year round of Industrial and Goth club shows but Halloween is when they raise the dead with the heart pounding beats of dark Alternative music.

This year, they're back at HYDE (57B Clarke Quay) for some horrifying classics. In conjunction with the Breast Cancer Awareness month, feast your eyes with Kittenita (as "Skinless Julia" of Hallraiser) as she performs the Bellydance Horror like no other. Classic horror films compiled by Rocky Raccoon will be played throughout the whole event and veteran DJ Saito Nagasaki will keep you company with the familiar beats of EBM/Industrial/Futurepop spins.

As a treat for all you darklings, the first 30 guests will receive a decapitated gingerbread man and the first 10 guests will receive a free Halloween make-over by the professional make-up artist, Aries Yagami. So be sure to come dressed as terrifying as you can get cause things are going to get real ugly at HYDE.

HYDE BAR (3rd Floor)
57B Clarke Quay
Singapore 049846
+(65) 6532 5510

Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM)

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10 Most Saddest Songs of All Time

Bring out those tissues and handkerchiefs, puresinner has a list of songs to share with you about deaths and loneliness. This is my take on the saddest songs of all time by my favourite artists.

The Cure

Post-Rock pioneers, The Cure carries a lot of dark music and cryptic lyrics in their years of writing. A song which starts with the portrayal of selfishness of a person ended in a huge guilt. It hurts him dearly and even if he pretends wanting to be forgiven, he knows he doesn't deserve to be forgiven.

Elliott Smith
Between The Bars

A man with a low voice and coincidentally prefers to have a low profile, Oscar nominated Elliott Smith is truly missed. Composed with just a simple acoustic guitar, this emotional heartfelt song of loneliness can be felt from the pain he exudes through his music everywhere in his song. When you watch his performances, it's as if the audience isn't there and he's singing in the dark, in his lonely little world. 

10,000 Days

One of a few musicians who often names his musical creations by his mother's name, Maynard James Keenan is a very dedicated son. His grief and pain can be heard from this track and the anger of wanting to blame on someone for her wheelchair bound state for 27 years (equals to 10,000 days) until her death. All he wants is for her to be free from suffering and return home to heaven.

Nine Inch Nails

Trent Reznor has always sang about loneliness and hate for many years and until he got married, which also marked the end of Nine Inch Nails. "Hurt" talks about a life being left by the ones he love most. The pain is what makes life real but not the people closest to him. You can almost hear his cries in every recording of this song and he keeps it sacred in his live shows. The song was also covered by the late Johnny Cash which most critics has reviewed it as the most tragic song sung by Cash because of his death soon after.


Dave Matthews
On Dave Matthews' solo work, "Gravedigger" tell tales of beyond the grave. When you're strolling through a graveyard and you'll see all those names with the date of births and the date of deaths. You'll begin to link the stories behind the tombstones of a mother burying her two sons who was sacrificed in a war and a little boy who died in a bike crash. Matthews sees the gravedigger as the grim reaper, asking him to have some mercy on his death.

It's All Over But The Crying
What makes it harder for a breakup is when you know you still love them but you will never live to have a future with them. Shirley Manson cries about it being all over, life goes on but it still sucks. Every time I have a hard time in my relationship, this song keeps playing in my head.


British band Radiohead makes the list of a few saddest songs sites with all different tracks. I choose "Lucky" because it affects me most ever since I first heard it and it still shares the emotion of losing something or someone from your life.

Pearl Jam
Last Kiss

A cover that made Pearl Jam's highest achievement in the Billboard Top 100 to date, "Last Kiss" echoes vocalist Eddie Vedder into a strong sympathy of pain for this teenage tragedy. The song was written in the early 1960s by Wayne Cochran, Joe Carpenter, Randall Hoyal & Bobby McGlon knowing that tragedy songs are big on making money. It was then unsuccessful but a few artists has since covered it. The song sings about a teenage couple out on a date and ended short after a traffic collision.

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Under The Bridge

One of the band's most successful singles, "Under The Bridge" tells the story of singer, Anthony Kiedis' battle with drugs in the city of angels. His struggle with heroin under the city's bridge where he usually gave in. He sings of his regrets when at that time felt like a whirlwind of adventure. It then ends with a group of choir singing together to Kiedis' hymn.

The Smashing Pumpkins

Another one of those mournings of a son, Billy Corgan also wrote this song after the event of his mother's death. There wasn't a real statement by him saying so but the album was written at the time of her death and it might have had an influence on it. The song might appears to be Corgan questioning his faith in god because of the pain he caused him, tearing him away from his loved one. This is by far one of the best Smashing Pumpkins tracks and the most emotional.


Notable Mentions:
  • "Dead Souls" by Joy Division
  • "Hell Bent" by Kenna

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Russian Circles Releases New Track "Mladek"

For a track that's based on a supposedly "awesome" European dude, Mladek sounds a little like a punk rock track at the start. But the real awesomeness doesn't really show until the change of pace at the 1.50 minute mark, where the trio reminds fans that they're still the same guys who has created amazing tracks like Carpe (from Enter, 2006) and Harper Lewis (from Station, 2008).

Mladek definitely picks up from the 1.50 mark and keeps the off-kilter drumbeats going with the signature looping of Mike Sullivan and the contribution from Brian is still intense as ever with a booming bassline that seems to slide in and out in between guitar riffs.

Definitely a must-listen for Russian Circles fans, this track has gotten me really excited for the upcoming album.

Empros is set for release on October 25.

The full track can be streamed AND downloaded on this link.

Photo from MAGNUM MAG. From left: Brian Cook, Dave Turncrantz, Mike Sullivan.

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"Hide & Seek" for Free Download

D'in Cheung Releases his debut solo album and it's up on dincheung.bandcamp.com and reverbnation.com/dincheung now. Hide & Seek expresses D'in's love for Electronic music and guitars. The 9-track (excluding hidden tracks) album is avaible free on digital download or any price you decide where all proceeds go to the Japan Tsunami Charity fund. The album is also available in CD copies both Japanese and International versions for USD$8.

"Hide & Seek is a self recorded Electronic album I'd value and it's a job well done" - Septermber 12th, 2011
puresinner has the privilege of reviewing it earlier this month. You can check on the link below for the full review:

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Aliceffekt - Blam, Le Passage Sacrilege Review

Label: 16d Records
Release date: August 6, 2011

Devine Lu Linvega is an illutrator, programmer, creates a language and also distributes his own music under the moniker of Aliceffekt. This Montreal based talent, goes a long way and travels far to get his inspirations.


  1. BLS01 - Looking forward to yesteryear with XC3N, Xyno & Chan
  2. BLS02 - Passage.4 _ CanalSemestre
  3. BLS03 - Passage.5 _ SemestreMaster
  4. BLS04 - Passage.6 _ MasterDistributor
  5. BLS05 - E Jumpstyle
  6. BLS06 - Solar Flares and better
Aliceffekt recently took the stage at Montreal's famous Kinetik Festival 4.0 where bands and DJs of Industrial/EBM/Eletronic music worldwide shared this five day event. Vermillionth (available for digital download on xxiivv.com) was released based on that performance. Following that release is Blam, Le Passage Sacrilege, and it is available just after three month on the official website.
Devine Lu Linvega

First track starts off short with a distorted conversation clip that leads to a more upbeat track. As Aliceffekt is known for its noise dance tracks, its glitchy mad beats aren't going to be easy for the most seasoned club goers to understand. In fact, it is the reason why Aliceffekt's music has been categorized into the Industrial scene. A Post-Industrial chaos that draws it's experimental structure from pioneering acts such as Throbbing Gristle. Every track crosses into the next track perfectly seeing that all of his works are usually recorded for live performances. This is an album worth listening to when you're up for some headbanging or just kicking out some dance moves no matter what your mood brings you.

Blam, Le Passage Sacrilege is available for free download here at 320kbs mp3.

4 out of 7 sins

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D'in Cheung - Hide & Seek Review

Released: September 28, 2011
Label: None

  1. Pulse of A Living Dream
  2. Sui Generis
  3. Dreamer
  4. Fairytale
  5. Silent Suicide
  6. Hide & Seek
  7. Crying for the Lonely Star
  8. Aurora Borealis
  9. If Life...
D'in on right with Masquer
A man of a thousand talents with musical collaborations from the United States, Russia, Singapore to Hong Kong, D'in Cheung has mastered genres from Pop Rock, Goth to Metal. Born in the city of Singapore, D'in spent most of his time living in Hong Kong. Forming bands like Masquer and Crazimalz (TVB performance) which landed him a successful place in the music industry. After years of putting together his solo debut, Hide & Seek will finally see the light of day later this month.

Sajid Akbar
In this album, D'in captures an Electronic ambience throughout the entire album even with heavier guitar tracks such as "Silent Suicide", which has a structure similar to a progressive rock band I have heard before. "Dreamer" has a slow flow of gentle serenity and is my favorite track even though it's also the shortest track in the album. Biddy Low of Breakbeat Theory guest vocals on "Fairytale", a heartbreaking love song lyrically with a smashing guitar solo. Another guest vocalist is Sajid Akbar, an acoustic musician who contributes in "Hide & Seek", the title song. Somehow, I find his vocals a little restricted here, although it's quite apparent that the man has the ability to sing well. Not every track on this album sounds the same and every time you go through it, it draws more of your attention into understanding the layers, the music and the emotion of the project.

Hide & Seek is a self recorded Electronic album I'd value and it's a job well done among the hype of gimmicky club imitators invading the current music industry. The album will be available for download soon with updates from puresinner

D'in Cheung
4 out of 7 sins
* Credits to the photographers. puresinner does not own any of the images.

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The Birthday Massacre - Imaginary Monsters EP Review

Toronto Synthrock band, The Birthday Massacre, recently made their upcoming Imaginary Monsters EP available for streaming on their myspace page. Imaginary Monsters features 3 new tracks and 5 remixed Pins and Needles tracks.

  1. Forever
  2. Burn Away
  3. Left Behind
  4. Pale (Kevvy  Mental & Dave Ogilvie 'Rubber Unicorn Mix)
  5. Control (tweaker mix)
  6. Shallow Grave (Combichrist 'Good For Her' Mix)
  7. Pins and Needles (SKOLD mix)
  8. Shallow Grave (Assemblage 23 mix)
The 3 originals included in this EP are tracks that did not make it onto Pins and Needles and it definitely shows in the composition. As compared to the TBM tracks in the past, which were heavier and fast paced, these tracks feature a more softer and soothing approach even when there are heavy instrumental elements (Burn Away).

As for the remixes, I was glad to see names like tweaker and SKOLD remixing the tracks but the best remix would be last track on the album, a remix by Assemblage 23. In comparison to the other remixes on the EP, this track feels natural instead of feeling tacked on and brings a different dimension to an already great track.

Overall, this EP is a good addition to what was released in Pins and Needles but with three pretty lukewarm originals and 5 decent remixes, it is really not something worth going crazy over unless you're out to collect all of TBM's releases.

4 out of 7 sins

The EP is also available for streaming on TBM's myspace page. Click here to listen to it.

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Puscifer releases single "Man Overboard"


I can't believe I didn't do a post on this when it was out. Basically, this track brings back alot of the dark charm from the C is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) EP, and it's everything a Puscifer/MJK fan would ever ask for. The light guitar accompaniment coupled with the thump and hiss drumbeat, it's really reminiscent of The Undertaker.

Man Overboard is available for download on iTunes and Conditions of My Parole will be out on October 18.

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Mastodon Releases First Single "Black Tongue"

It's been two years since the critically acclaimed Crack The Skye was released, and now Mastodon has released their latest single, Black Tongue, with an accompanying video showing the process of creating the album art for the upcoming album, The Hunter.

On first impression, the vocals on this track is not reminiscent of anything Mastodon has ever done. In other words, it's too clean and clear but I'm kinda digging it overall with the music, cause that's where Mastodon rips it apart. And on a more fanboy comment, I love that part when Troy sings "You've run out of light/life/lies, you've run out of time", then an epic guitar section comes in.


So the new album will be released on September 27 and I'm psyched about it. Super psyched.

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The Aggregate Requiem

The Singapore Dark Alternative Movement presents their first benefit gig for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. A charity to stamp out prejudice, hate and intolerance everywhere against subcultures.

Presale tickets are now sold at Inokii at Far East Plaza (Scotts Road) at $10.

For more information on the charity, visit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation at htp://www.sophielancasterfoundat​ion.com

Time: 5-10pm
Place: Se7en1nch (Clarke Quay near Zirch and facing the taxi stand)
Price: $15 (incl. 1 free drink)
Acts: D.E.A.D, Bear Culture, Murderfreak vs ├ćnimic, Savvia Lenore and a very special guest appearance as the opening act

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Familiar Names, New Sites

So it's official that the Singapore Dark Alternative Movement (SDAM) didn't only change their logo but went for a complete virtual overhaul and redid a new website for their upcoming events and articles regarding the dark alternative/goth scene in Singapore.

If you're unfamiliar with what SDAM does and what they are, I will give a small synopsis of what they do. SDAM ,basically, is a community of people with an interest in dark arts, music and literature. They will organise events that welcome people with similar interests to come together and hang out at several pubs and clubs while basking in the glitches and thumps of Industrial/EBM throughout the night. For more on what they specialise in and what they did for the dark alternative scene in the past, click on their swanky new logo.

And the another update to top up the whole week of new sites is the new Metal Horde Singapore website. Metal Horde Singapore (MHS), as many of you would've already derived from the name, these group of individuals handles the Singapore Metal Scene (as well as international Metal) news and music reviews. Click on the image to get your dosage of sweet, melodic brutality.

Upon further investigation, I've found out that the current main man of SDAM is also helping out with Metal Horde Singapore on top of his involvement in SDAM. So if you're interested in finding out more about him and all the other projects that he might have dipped his finger in, visit his personal website at http://dalsixvisser.com.

The RSS feeds of the aforementioned websites have been added to the right sidebar named "Links", so you can just click on that tab and you can view what has been recently updated on those sites.

So that's about it for now, check back for more reviews and news and long periods of nothing in between reviews and I would like to apologise for the awkward colour scheme and background to the site, I'll get to it soon.

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Apparently APC has a new song out and it still has all the signature melancholy. I can't wait to hear the track when it's recorded illegally in HD and posted on youtube cause waiting for a band fronted by MJK to release something has gotten me pretty demoralised lately.

Especially with the recent "we're writing" comment made for the next Tool album on antiquiet.com.

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Zed - The Invitation Preview

Not much is known about this band but hell, does it bring me back through time. I am in love with the vocals and the guitar riffs. Definitely a must listen to 90s rock lovers, most of the songs reminds me alot of Soundgarden's Louder Than Love era and that's the best compliment any band can receive in my books.

Check them out here: Zedisded

That distortion is just full of crunch I can feel it in my teeth! I've only listened to a few of the tracks through their band camp website but I will try to get a full album review up once I'm done with all the delayed reviews of past releases.

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In Each Hand A Cutlass - A Universe Made of Strings

Released: June 24, 2011

The long awaited album by Singapore's rock supergroup has finally been released. So is it worth the wait?

  1. The Escape
  2. Inspector Cutlass
  3. Glaciers
  4. The March
  5. Helmets and Fiery Endings
  6. Chocolate and The Lovelorn Girl
  7. Marauder
  8. White Boxes
  9. End of The Line
  10. Hammering The Bones
  11. A Universe of Strings
In Each Hand A Cutlass(IEHAC) consists of Daniel Sassoon(guitars), Roland Lim(guitars), Jordan Cheng(drums) and Amanda Ling(keys/samples). They've recently changed their bassist, so I'm not too sure on whether the new bassic is part of the studio recording or just the live band line up.

Now on to the tracks in the album. Intro track, The Escape creates a build up of sounds to the hard-hitting and catchy, Inspector Cutlass, which features an addictive drum intro that builds up into a barrage of guitars and groovy bass slapping that just goes all out to hook you in and makes you wanting for more.

Next up, Glaciers, one of IEHAC's most epic compositions in the whole album. Clocking in at a little more than 8 minutes, it begins with a dreamy intro that slowly pulls you in and bashes you aurally with its abrupt and loud bridge/breakdown. This song is slow at its build up but once it has reached its climax, you'd definitely place it on repeat.

Next interlude, The March, brings us to the emotionally-charged Helmets and Fiery Endings. Other than the bridge in the track which features a little of that synth/keyboard from Amanda Ling, the guitar playing carries most of the song with its melodic riffs and fills. Following up next is the feel good track, Chocolate and The Lovelorn Girl. To be honest to label it "feel good" is a tad wrong, but as compared to the other compositions in the album, Chocolate and The Lovelorn Girl is more of a lush and soothing journey of textural sounds woven together than a sonic attack to our eardrums. Thus the "feely goodyness" of it.

IEHAC's ambitious approach to songwriting really takes center stage with tracks Marauder, White Boxes and my personal favourite, Hammering The Bones, which features an intro that will certainly raise eyebrows. With its infectious guitar and synth combo that captures your attention, it later teeters off to a purposefully off-timed bridge that's later patched back together fluidly with a crunchy guitar riff and thumping drum line. Definitely a must-listen for progressive music lovers.

In a full overview of the album, A Universe Made of Strings is progressively self-indulgent but still tries to maintain a certain catchiness and familiarity to each of the songs. It might turn off some conventional rock lovers but for those who would like to listen to creativity being tested, they will love A Universe Made of Strings.

However, the few downfalls in the album is that it sometimes gets a little too self-indulgent and the guitar wizardry takes too big of a space on the album cause there times in the album that I felt like there should be something else in place but it usually gets cut short by the brilliant guitar work. I'm not trying to tell IEHAC how they should write their songs, but after listening to the album, I think some of us would agree that the song writing of the album mostly revolves around guitar parts rather than the accompanying instruments.

6 out of 7 sins

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In Each Hand A Cutlass: The Amaranthine Voyage

Daniel Sassoon, Jordan Cheng, Amanda Ling, Roland Lim

Experimental rock band, In Each Hand A Cutlass will be performing on the 24th of June, 2011 at Esplanade Recital Studio. For more details, click here.

I'm not too sure if this is an album release or just a gig to remind people how awesome they are, but irregardless of the reason, you have to be there if you're a fan of experimental and ambient music that covers a broad range of genres. So be there to get your dosage of quality music.

I apologise for the lack of words for this gig, but I really have not much to mention other than to be there and experience the awesomeness yourself. However one thing I do wonder is, where's the bassist?

For more In Each Hand A Cutlass, visit myspace.com/iehac

Update: Their album, A Universe Made of Strings, will be released on the night itself.

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Foo Fighters - Wasting Light

Released: April 12, 2011
Label: RCA

I don't know if I just have a strange affinity towards cleanly produced pop-alternative-rock or I'm just drawn to Dave's good looks or just the charming choruses that you will remember all the way to your deathbed, but the latest Foo offering has definitely made me wanting for more.

  1. Bridge Burning
  2. Rope
  3. Dear Rosemary
  4. White Limo
  5. Arlandria
  6. These Days
  7. Back & Forth
  8. A Matter of Time
  9. Miss The Misery
  10. I Should Have Known
  11. Walk
Wasting Light wastes no time in delivering the good stuff with the intro track Bridge Burning, second single (or was it first?) Rope and followed by the beautiful Dear Rosemary. Just when you thought that those were the only good tracks you'll get in the whole album, you'll be surprised by the gritty and fuzzy, White Limo, that brings you all around Kickass Ave, and drops you off at Arlandria for a more balanced Foos experience with a guitar and drums only verse and a sing-along chorus that will stick to you longer than a coffee stain.

These Days is classic a Foo Fighters "half-ballad-half-rocking out" track a la Resolve out of In Your Honor Disc 1 (2005). After a close 5 minutes of feeling a little melancholic, Back & Forth and Miss The Misery brings back a little of the energy from the first half of the album with the latter being a real firecracker with its tasteful layering of guitar parts and almost unforgettable chorus (duh).

So in classic Foo Fighters fashion, the second half of Wasting Light does lack a little of the energy of the first half and shows a more mature Foo Fighters, but that is not to say it lacks the quality. I Should Have Known and the latest single, Walk, definitely shows a mature side of a band that knows how to express themselves in different ways and not just by wailing and shouting and crashing into their instruments.

Wasting Light, as a whole, is an amazing Foo Fighters album and whatever you're looking for, whatever your mood is, this album has got what you need.

7 out of 7 sins

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New Icarus Line Track!

photo courtesy of buddyhead.com

Thanks to Buddyhead.com for the heads up to their new track.

First impressions on my first listen to this new track is that, I really dig that kickass guitar, bass and drum groove. I love how the guitar sounds, especially the rhythm parts. I can only imagine how it sounds in the final studio (LP) version.

Let It Fall (Live Band Demo Sunset Sound) by The Icarus Line _ Miracle

And here is the link to the Buddyhead article.


On other news, I'm gonna try to make frequent updates from now on cause I've finally acquired my pink card of freedom. So here's to more interesting news on the alternative side of the music universe. So check this space for future updates. Thanks.

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Billy Howerdel Talks About Possible New A Perfect Circle Album

As fans of A Perfect Circle already know, the band is back and performing at big festivals (Rock On The Range, Lollapalooza) this year. But the main question has always been "Will there ever be a new APC album?". That answer has finally been given (kinda) by mastermind/guitarist of APC, Howerdel in an interview with Gotham Radio.

The full interview can be HEARD here.

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Cosmic Armchair Releases Free Remix Download

Just a few more days into deciding the future of Singapore, Cosmic Armchair has put up a remix of Marching of the Day to remind you to vote wisely on the General Election 2011. Here's a video of the Marching of the Day (Election Mix):

The Electronic-Pop duo has also made the remix available for download at their ReverbNation page here. Cross The Line (Club Remix) is also available for download.

Cosmic Ben & Cosmic Jane

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Gibson Interviews Billy Howerdel of A Perfect Circle

Photo: Gibson.com

With the recent announcements of tour dates, A Perfect Circle is pretty much back from the dead (albeit the small shows that were performed back in 2010). So it came as a nice surprise to see that Gibson went to conduct an interview with one of the main songwriters and founding members of this supergroup.

In the interview, he covers on the process of getting his signature sound from the records back on stage, how ASHES dIVIDE changed his method of approach to playing and composing his music and his favourite guitars for studio recording as well as what he brings on the road along with him. He also discusses about this new song that he's composing currently. Any APC news is good news to me!

Full interview can be read here: Gibson.com

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Foo Fighters Releases Single

Just last week, I was impressed with their "non-single" track, White Limo. 4 days ago, Foo Fighters released their first official single, Rope, off their upcoming album, Wasting Light.

The track can be heard from this url:

Based on first listen-through, this track is definitely more radio friendly than White Limo and has a very strong resemblance to QoTSA tracks in the sense that it's pretty groovy. But, Dave and gang definitely kept true to the Foos formula in that chorus, just listen to it. And there's a [proper] solo somewhere near the final chorus, lolwut?

Wasting Light is set to be released on April 12th. Looking forward to it!

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Foo Fighters Releases New Video and Album Tracklist

Foo Fighters recently released a new music video for White Limo, a track from their upcoming new album Wasting Light. The video features members of Foo Fighters (lol), Lemmy Kilmister and Dave's wife, Jordyn.

Personally, this new track really reminds me alot of the first, self-titled album and that gets me really psyched to get it once it's released.

Here is the tracklist for Wasting Light:

01. Bridge Burning
02. Rope
03. Dear Rosemary
04. White Limo
05. Arlandria
06. These Days
07. Back & Forth
08. A Matter of Time
09. Miss the Misery
10. I Should Have Known
11. Walk

This is also the first album from the Foo Fighters that actually features Nirvana's bassist Krist Novoselic. In an overall view, it's pretty much a Nirvana reunion sans Kurt Cobain (RIP), considering Pat Smear joined The Foos during their Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace tour.

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Soundgarden Begins Work On New Album

Been awhile since we've heard from these Grunge giants, the last time was during their small tour in 2010 where they actually played the creepily awesome Beyond The Wheel without Chris sounding like he's being grated like cheese. Video can be seen below and courtesy of Soundgarden off of their youtube channel.

They posted the following update on their official website:

"Over the past few months, we've been busy jamming, writing and hanging out together — exploring the creative aspect of being SOUNDGARDEN. It feels great. We have some cool new songs that we are going to record very soon.

"Thank you for all of the support!

Loudest of Love,

Ben, Chris , Kim and Matt"

Just seeing Kim's name included in that statement is already making me anticipate this album very badly. Here's hoping that the album will be released sooner than later cause they might just part ways again.

Photos of their recording process can be viewed here or from their official Facebook page.

The last new material that came from Soundgarden was in the form of a single called Black Rain which was included in their 2010 compilation album, Telephantasm. Kim Thayil also wrote and composed a new piece which is available on iTunes called The Telephantasm.

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Of Fire and Spirals: Big Day Out Perth 2011


Touching down in Perth at about 40 mins to midnight on February 4 with a bad sinus irritation and Skylar, I wasn't really in the best shape for a day out in the sun and sweat. But for the sake of catching several top tier bands perform at a music festival for the first time, I just had to push on and consume as much paracetamol as possible.

Amanda "fucking" Palmer's secret Perth show

Enough about how I felt, the trip to Perth was a very fruitful one as Amanda Palmer sneaked a ninja gig the night before BDO, Adam Jones crashed into my goth shopping trip with Skylar and I get to catch 2 bands that I really love in a single day.

I'll start with the Amanda Palmer secret show at Perth's Cultural Center. Freezing my balls, ass and everything for an hour before she arrived to the little man-made pond with 4 additional members. "Are you guys waiting for Amanda Palmer too?" she asked the hopeful fans sitting around the show area before she made her way down to the "stage".

I am not really a Dresden Dolls fan, let alone listened to any Amanda Palmer music, but I have to say she really does put in alot of effort to entertain the fans even if it's an unpaid show. Based on that night, she's a true performer with overflowing charisma that I could ever dream to have. Armed with just a ukelele and a few percussive instruments, she made an otherwise empty setting into a lively area of performance and music.

We managed to capture some photos and a video of her performance that night, though the quality soundwise might be a little low due to the unorthodox location of the performance (right beside the Fringe World stage, that had a myriad of bands and performers doing their own thing).

At the end of the whole performance, Amanda invited everyone to purchase her latest EP which costs only 69c off of her website and to take a few photos with her and her friends but as for me, I was already rushing back to the confines of my bunking. Reason being, the night was too cold and I had little to warm myself with. Makes me wonder how Amanda was able to keep going with just a bustier and bra on. Respect!

Big Day Out Perth 2011

Right: Orange Stage, Left: Blue Stage
Waking up feeling less than ready for a day of frolicking around and headbanging to my favourite bands, we reached Claremont Showgrounds at about 12.40pm, the place was filled with music and people. Given a free energy drink that tasted nothing like an energy drink, we moved into the Blue and Orange stage areas in search of the Merch stand.

The merch stand had a variety of hoodies, t-shirts, caps from most of the bands that were performing that day. Prices ranged around AUS$80 - $30. Got myself a Tool t-shirt and off we went to catch the band that was performing at the Orange Stage.

Dead Letter Circus 12.30-1.20pm (Orange Stage)

Dead Letter Circus, an alternative rock band hailing from Brisbane, was performing on stage. Eventhough we've never heard of their music before, the guitar riffs and crashing of the drums was enough to take more than a little glance at the band. Band's main vocalist, Kim Benzie reminds me alot of Richard Patrick (Filter) by way of body structure. High-pitched wailing with cleverly constructed musical parts and a really tight live set up, Dead Letter Circus is definitely a band to check out if you're looking for new poison for your eardrums.

Click here to listen to Dead Letter Circus.

Airbourne 1.20-2.10pm (Blue Stage)

Taking the Blue Stage right after Dead Letter Circus, Airbourne wastes little to introduction and jumps straight to their anthemic rock music to pull in the crowd. Not letting such an opportunity of catching one of the most electrifying rock n' roll bands in action slide, I moved to the Blue stage and was really impressed by Joel's unlimited energy throughout their 50 minute set. Midway through their set, Joel climbed the rafters to take his spot at the top to play a guitar solo. At about 6-7 storeys above ground, he plays his solo to the cheers of
his fans.

After ending his feat of bravery for rock n' roll, Joel climbs down and proceeds to open cans of beer...by smashing them on his head. Fizz and sweat, these cans were thrown to the outreached hands of Airbourne's fans. As exciting as their set was, the crowd was not as huge as when the next act took the Orange stage. Respect to Joel for putting up a hell of a show for the lucky fans and bystanders that actually gave Airbourne a chance to fire up BDO 2011.

Lupe Fiasco 2.10-3.00pm (Orange Stage)
With a kickass band to back him up, Lupe had control of the huge crowd of jumping, kissing, making out, grinding, bopping, pushing pre-adolescent fans who went crazy for each song he churns out, especially when he took out his shirt. Apologies to all Lupe fans for my complete ignorance to the music that he makes, but all I could think of was to get to the front of the Orange stage by the end of his set, to be in front when Deftones takes the stage at 3.50pm in the fucking scorching afternoon.

Bliss n Eso (3.00-3.50pm (Blue Stage)

Apologies to all Bliss n Eso fans too, I couldn't care less to pay attention to their music other than to listen to the sick DJ scratch breakdown that they had in the middle of their set. The rest was just filled with "DEEEEEFFFTOOOOOONEEES, DEEEEEFFFFFTOOOOOONES" chanting coming from the Orange Stage.

Deftones 3.50-4.40pm (Orange Stage)

The first out of three most anticipated bands of the day for Puresinner. Deftones came on stage with new bassist Sergio Vega, whom does a good job filling in for Chi Cheng. He even heard a fan shouting at him "Where's Chi?". From his lips movement (too loud, couldn't hear his voice), he mentioned "He's getting better." Breaking out with hits from older albums and a few from the latest album, Diamond Eyes, fans were mesmerised by the on-pitch Chino vocals and intense guitar parts that Stef can never fail to deliver.

Chino making fans go wild

After a number of songs in, Chino came down from the stage and sang with the crowd. Girls went crazy as they wanted to get their hands on Chino, while the guys rushed forward to get a chance to sing on the mic. Great showmanship never fails to make a simple, no-prop rock show interesting.

Donning shades and armed with his guitar for slower tunes, Chino was really at his best performing level. I have no negative issues to point out from the Deftones set. Crowd was good, sound was amazing, nothing disappointed. Now comes the long (or so we thought) wait for the main bands of the day, Rammstein and Tool.

"The Passenger" featuring Kim from Dead Letter Circus

Birds of Tokyo 4.40-5.30pm (Blue Stage)

Sorry for the fans of Birds of Tokyo, I stayed at the Orange stage for this one. So I didn't get a chance to hear what kind of music or were they good.

John Butler Trio 5.30-6.30pm (Orange Stage)

Never listened to them before, but being at the front for their set makes me realise that this trio is an amazingly talented group. John Butler kicking out jams on acoustic guitars (note: acoustic guitars) that would make electric guitar musicians just cower and cry (caught Rammstein's Richard Z admiring John Butler's solo playing at one point), while Byron Luiters handles the lower end of things with his double bass and electric bass guitars and Nicky Bomba belting out delectable drumbeats.
Richard Z. Kruspe of Rammstein watching JBT

Hailing from Fremantle initially, the support was pretty big and I have to admit that John and the band deserves every bit of it. Not really huge on stage presence as most of the members are doubling up as backing vocals while John handles the main bulk of singing. Their live set never failed to entertain through the basis of any music performance, which is the music. Huge respect to the John Butler Trio, I will be looking forward to discovering more of their music.

Iggy Pop and The Stooges 6.30-7.30pm (Blue Stage)

Amazing how this 63 year old man could still prance around and spit at cameras whenever he wants. He's 63! Most 63 year olds usually tone down their performances when they grow older, but not for this godfather of punk. He went all out, though the Rammstein crowd from where I was waiting were getting really impatient to get him off the stage and catching their German Sextet earlier. Respect for Iggy Pop, legendary in both the punk scene and the physical fitness scene (if there is one).

Rammstein 7.30-8.30pm (Orange Stage)

Here they are, German and proud as they flew Germany's flag while Till sung the opening lines for "Rammleid". Epic and huge, Rammstein blasted hits from old albums as well as from the latest album. Guitar riffs smashed faces in, fireworks nearly made our ears bleed, fire that scorched those that were standing right in front of the stage and stage theatrics that never fails to entertain the fans.

Big negative point would be the incessant push from the back trying to get to the barricade. Those guys need to relax, cause the view from the barricade is as good as when you're about 2 spaces back. Really bad group of fans, rowdy and unreasonable. I know it's Rammstein, I know it's heavy and hard-hitting music, but that doesn't mean you should kick the person whose already gotten the front row. Just stand where you are, you aren't that far from the barricade if you've actually used your brains.
Till The Chef cooking Flake
Ok, enough ranting. Rammstein was brilliant! Tight on stage, sounds just like their album, maybe better due to the extended parts and Till actually getting better at singing and burning fans (yes, he did!). Sonne, Benzin, Ich Will, Waidmann's Heil, Rammleid, Du Riecht So Gut, Feuer Frei!, Mein Teil, Weiner Blut, Links 2-3-4, Keine Lust and Pussy were played. All hits, for 60 minutes. Intense and bone crushing. Rammstein is a band that you MUST experience at least once in your lifetime (that's if you're into heavy music).
Feuer Frei!
At the end of their last song, Pussy, with Till saddling a huge cannon spewing white foam, Till invited the whole band to stand at the front of the stage and he thanked the fans.
Le Chant de Sirenes (15 minutes of the sirens sounding between Rammstein and Tool)

During this time, I was making my way to the Blue stage to catch the band that was the main reason I flew to Perth.

Tool 8.45-10.00pm (Blue Stage)

Before writing anything else, this is the setlist:
1. Leary Speech/Jambi
2. The Pot
3. Vicarious
4. 46&2
5. Eon Blue Apocalypse/The Patient (YEAH!)
6. Flood
7. Schism (ext)
8. Lateralus (ext.)
9. ├ćnema
10. Stinkfist

Entering the stage with a huge martini glass, Adam Jones, Danny Carey, Justin Chancellor and Maynard J. Keenan took their more than familiar spots on stage and the show was on. Before they came on stage, the Timothy Leary speech made me anticipate Third Eye as an opener (and that would be amazing), but alas, Jambi was played instead.

It was an awesome visual and aural experience from start to end as Adam Jones fed off the basslines from Justin and Danny Carey spoiling everyone's headbanging moments each time with his off-kilter drumbeats. One problem though, I could not hear Maynard most of the time from where I was standing (and it wasn't even that far from the stage). That would be the only problem and disappointment for the whole live set.

The whole time, I was just standing there in awe as I absorbed every single laser, flash of light and musical note that Tool delivered. It was then that I realised that Tool is definitely an experience to watch live and thus, that gives weight to their reasons for not making a live DVD after so long. I just stood there rooted, it was beautiful.

Extended Schism was amazing, but the true mind blowing moment was Lateralus. Extended with a new riff from Adam Jones that has never been played before for other extended Lateralus in the past, I just hope that is part of a new song they're developing. Danny Carey was spot on for each and every track, it's amazing to watch him drum with extreme precision though Maynard only awarded him a 62 for his drumming on the extended part of Lateralus.

At the end of the whole set, Maynard mentioned "..because this is the last big day out, I am going to do something out of character, and smoke a cigar." and he lit up a cigar and smoked it. Very out of character as Maynard has been known to be against smoking. Oh well, it WAS the last day of the BDO tour for them.

P.S Sorry, we didn't get alot of photos for Tool as my camera's battery depleted.

End of BDO 2011

Experiencing several bands that I've always wanted to catch live was amazing, though my body was beat and I was really tired from the lack of sleep from the night prior to BDO, I could never forget catching Rammstein and Tool on the same day.

Hope you've enjoyed my recollection of Puresinner's trip to Perth to be a part of BDO 2011. More photos are available for viewing on our flikr website. Next up would be Deftones Live In Singapore!

*We are a non-profitable organization who funds our own equipments including cameras used for events, thus low resolution photography might be encountered from time to time.

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