Hole - Nobody's Daughter Review

Released: April 23, 2010
Label: CherryForever/Mercury/Island Def Jam

Nobody's Daughter, the fourth studio release by Hole in almost 12 years. Having been a fan of Live Through This and Celebrity Skin, I just had to check this album out and review it.

  1. Nobody's Daughter
  2. Skinny Little Bitch
  3. Honey
  4. Pacific Coast Highway
  5. Samantha
  6. Someone Else's Bed
  7. For Once In Your Life
  8. Letter To God
  9. Loser Dust
  10. How Dirty Girls Get Clean
  11. Never Go Hungry

Nobody's Daughter begins with the title track which is pretty mellow considering this is a Hole album. Clocking in at 5 mins and 19 seconds, Skinny Little Bitch brings some of the old, grungy attitude back to this album. Based on those two tracks, Courtney's voice seems a little more like an old lady's whine nowadays rather than the rugged, coarse voice that she was known for. So that's quite a downer, especially when Honey kicks in. Courtney's voice borders annoyance and shows the lack of range in her voice more than any other tracks in the album.

After Honey and Pacific Coast Highway, I was expecting a bunch of fillers in the later tracks. However, Samantha, Someone Else's Bed, Loser Dust and How Dirty Girls Get Clean are great listens. Someone Else's Bed, though a tad mellow manages to capture me with its catchy chorus and that sweet solo that goes on near the end of the track, definitely worth a listen.

Courtney Love
Overall, Nobody's Daughter lack the raw energy that Hole used to have and in place of that comes a mellow Courtney Love with a bunch of strings and songs written by external members. I wouldn't say the album is horrible cause I actually did enjoy certain tracks in the middle of the album tracklist, but it still doesn't help that most of the tracks in this album is mid-tempo and doesn't deserve the band name. Nobody's Daughter is not a brilliant Hole album, but it is a decent Courtney Love album.

4 out of 7 sins

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