D'in Cheung - Hide & Seek Review

Released: September 28, 2011
Label: None

  1. Pulse of A Living Dream
  2. Sui Generis
  3. Dreamer
  4. Fairytale
  5. Silent Suicide
  6. Hide & Seek
  7. Crying for the Lonely Star
  8. Aurora Borealis
  9. If Life...
D'in on right with Masquer
A man of a thousand talents with musical collaborations from the United States, Russia, Singapore to Hong Kong, D'in Cheung has mastered genres from Pop Rock, Goth to Metal. Born in the city of Singapore, D'in spent most of his time living in Hong Kong. Forming bands like Masquer and Crazimalz (TVB performance) which landed him a successful place in the music industry. After years of putting together his solo debut, Hide & Seek will finally see the light of day later this month.

Sajid Akbar
In this album, D'in captures an Electronic ambience throughout the entire album even with heavier guitar tracks such as "Silent Suicide", which has a structure similar to a progressive rock band I have heard before. "Dreamer" has a slow flow of gentle serenity and is my favorite track even though it's also the shortest track in the album. Biddy Low of Breakbeat Theory guest vocals on "Fairytale", a heartbreaking love song lyrically with a smashing guitar solo. Another guest vocalist is Sajid Akbar, an acoustic musician who contributes in "Hide & Seek", the title song. Somehow, I find his vocals a little restricted here, although it's quite apparent that the man has the ability to sing well. Not every track on this album sounds the same and every time you go through it, it draws more of your attention into understanding the layers, the music and the emotion of the project.

Hide & Seek is a self recorded Electronic album I'd value and it's a job well done among the hype of gimmicky club imitators invading the current music industry. The album will be available for download soon with updates from puresinner

D'in Cheung
4 out of 7 sins
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