Ignore All Detour Signs Encore Screening Review @ Sinema 14/10/11

Having missed the first screening of Ignore All Detour Signs back in September, I was eager to jump on the opportunity of the second screening at Sinema located at Mt. Sophia. Having not bought the tickets earlier, I was pretty upset that I would have climbed 666 steps for nothing, but the dudes at Sinema were cool enough to let go two tickets for me and my friend.

Before I let you in on my impression on the documentary, here's a little synopsis for those who don't know what it is about. Ignore All Detour Signs(IADS) is a documentary that covers the trials and tribulations of Singapore band, I Am David Sparkle, as they prepare for their slot at South by Southwest (SXSW) Festival along with a minitour of the US.

Initially, to be perfectly honest, I thought that the documentary was going to be a bore and something really artsy fartsy. Yet, I was proven wrong as it was actually tastefully edited and never strayed away from the main subject matter of the whole documentary while still maintaining a certain dark and gloomy vibe overall. IADS manages to capture and display a band's dream and their courage to do anything to get themselves a place on the world stage. It also displays the friendship between the members even through the hardships they've faced just to play their music to more people. The soundtrack was also peppered with fellow labelmate, Amberhaze, so that makes another reason to catch IADS.

I am not so much of a movie reviewer so for anyone who needs a quick jolt of motivation and for any aspiring musicians (and I really mean ANY) out there, IADS is the documentary to catch. Just hope there's another screening in the near future.

Puresinner has reviewed I Am David Sparkle's sophomore album, Swords, click here to read it. We would also like to wish I Am David Sparkle an awesome Japan tour next month.

aenimic: This post was supposed to be up on the night of the second screening, but photobucket is being a real bitch. so I'm sorry for the late post. Whatever it is, do catch IADS if you ever get the chance. Sorry for no photos from the screening other than that one photo on my instagram. Here is also a ten minute snippet of the QnA session after the screening, youtube "Ignore All Detour Signs" to get the full QnA session.

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