ISIS Releases Album Artwork and Tracklist.

Seminal Post-metal band, ISIS, will be releasing a collection of their rarities, b-sides, demos and unreleased tracks on November 6. The new collection will be called Temporal and it will include tracks that spans throughout their 13 years.

Track listing:


  1. Threshold of Transformation (Demo)
  2. Ghost Key (Alternate Demo Version)
  3. Wills Dissolve (Alternate Demo Version)
  4. Carry (Demo)
  5. False Light (Demo)
  6. Grey Divide (Demo)


  1. Streetcleaner (Godflesh cover)
  2. Hand of Doom (Black Sabbath cover)
  3. Not in Rivers, But In Drops (Melvins/Lustmord remix)
  4. Holy Tears (Thomas Dimuzio remix)
  5. Temporal (Recorded in 2009)
  6. Way Through Woven Branches
  7. Pliable Foe
  8. 20 Minutes/40 Years (Acoustic)

Temporal will also include a DVD of their music videos, from the likes of In Fiction to the unreleased Pliable Foe.

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