SparkleDrivenFairytale Releases Debut Track From Upcoming EP

It's been a long time coming. Alternative rockers,SparkleDrivenFairytale, releases one of their upcoming tracks online. It will be a good 6 minutes spent.

Catch the intensity here:

Last Lullaby goes from really familiar ground to a very nice build up at the 5.18 mark really made the song for me. And I can't help but notice all the ambient guitar work that's twirling and swirling at the back really creates intensity and depth for an otherwise pretty generic alternative rock affair. Definitely worth checking out if you're sick of masturbating guitar wannabes and wanna hear some proper songwriting.

When you're done crying from all the heartbreak this song serves you on a platter, take some time to check these hardworking dudes on their facebook page:

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